Day 7 Of The Prayer Prescription Virtual Book Tour

Today, Mal Duane interviews me on a teleconference. The link to that is right underneath this post and video. Mal is the author of the book, Alpha Chick, which is an Amazon bestseller.

Prayer is a recovery tool for all recovering addicts. Obviously, it is a tool for everyone else, too. It is often said in recovery circles, prayer is you talking to God, and meditation is God talking to you.

One of the first things a person does when they no longer can stand their addiction, it is to say, please help me God.

Please help me God. Those are powerful words and they change lives.

Either the answer comes immediately and smacks you right in the face, or it comes in subtle ways over a week or month. The question is, are you ready to heed the call? Are you sober enough to recognize the call when it presents itself to you?

Prayer heals. Prayer transforms. Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health, is a book I have written which will soon be published in May. It is a book to help you get into the feeling of prayer. Its purpose is to bring you peace of mind as you read the words.

Another purpose is to help you establish your own prayer practice, if you haven’t already done so. Or to help you strengthen the prayer practice you already have.

The teleseminar is at 12 noon but the replay is also available on the link underneath this post.


Mal Duane Interviews Kate About Her Book: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

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  2. Samantha West

    you are so right Kate, Prayer is a powerful tool for any addiction and any regid thinking
    part of my daily prayers is request my help for my all my overs…overeating…over thinking
    ….all my apparently stuck places….which unstick with prayer And bring me back to this
    moment filled with graditude.

  3. kateloving

    Prayer brings us to an attitude of gratitude and quiets all thinking. I am hoping the replay of the teleseminar is available at the link below the video. Will have to wait and see.

  4. Kate Loving Shenk

    Yes the replay is now available!!

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