My Online Mansion

Peace On Earth

My new website reminds me of moving into a mansion, a mansion where a writer feels at home. A writers mansion. The Prayer Prescription Blog is like a free standing out building to the mansion.

I have been blogging for a total of 11 years, and in the process have proven to myself that I have the stick to it-ness to blog every day. You never know until you try it. Chances are after you’ve tried it you give it up because it just requires too much work.

That is the Fate of the majority of blogs in the world today.

I remember the Crabbysbeach Community Blog. All of those prayers over there were like my children. The prayers have been backed up on my computer. Now they can be redesigned into new and fresh content at another time. Perhaps right here in my new Mansion! Certainly into the Prayer Prescription Book–from pen to kindle–someday to a book you can hold in your hands.

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