Prayer Contemplations

What Is Prayer? What Is Prayer For?

1) It is the pause between breaths

2) The smile you share

3) The steps you take

4) The caress of a breeze upon your cheek

5) The panting of the dog lying at your feet

6) The purring of your kitten on your lap

7) The meal you share

8) The gardens you grow

9) The trees you love

10) New born babes

11) The laughter of children

12) The evolution of love

13) The habit of loving thought the moment you hear of suffering anywhere

14) The vision of Angelic Presence

15) The birthing bed

16) The sick bed

17) The death bed

18) Service to humanity

19) Honoring our feelings

20) Honoring the feelings of others

21) Sleeping and dreaming

22) Sensuality and sexuality

23) Sunbathing

24) A slow walk on the beach

25) Dancing

26) Laughing

27) Drumming

28) Get a foot massage

29) Give a foot massage

30) Create a safe haven

31) Light a candle and pray for world peace

32) Pray for wisdom for world leaders

33) Healing of every kind