Dean Shrock PhD on Kate Loving’s Radio Show

WhyLoveHealsBookCoverDean Shrock PhD was on my radio show, author of Why Love Heals.

Love is the reason for everything yet is denied by many. Feeling loved and cared for is as effective as chemotherapy and radiation. The Pharmaceutical Companies don’t accept Love nor do most Allopathic Practitioners.

Consumers are changing all of this. Consumers are seeking larger answers to the greatest questions life offers us everyday, every moment.

Illness, after all, is the Soul’s way of getting our attention. We need not identify with illness, but free ourselves from it through the Divine and Pure Energy of Unconditional Love.

Listen in!!

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2 Responses to “Dean Shrock PhD on Kate Loving’s Radio Show”

  1. Samantha West

    Very interesting interview the current research on guided immigrey was very interesting. It’s a tool I have used
    For many years and when j began using it was kind of looked down in as no being real. You and Jian make a great team. Excellent show

  2. kateloving

    I may have to invite him back to my radio show!!!

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