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One Man Show Of The Christmas Carol- #1

My brother D.D.Delaney came on the radio with us to do his one man show of the Christmas Carol. He did all roles. This one was done 12/15/2009.

He intends to do the show again where he lives in Norfolk Virginia. But since he’s done the show three years for us on the radio, I will repeat each show consecutively until 12/25/2015.

Listen in and get into The Holiday Spirit!


Prayers For Planned Parenthood- Podcast 288

I have so much to thank Planned Parenthood for. They sent me to school and I became an OB/Gyn Nurse Practitioner. I did that for 17 years.

The most recent Planned Parenthood bombing was yet another mass shooting happening everyday in America. The NRA and right wing Christians are holding America hostage.
Add Isis to the mix, climate change, ultra corrupt politicians, and we have a world gone mad.

My podcast reflects some of this. Listen in.


The Healing of Jordan Young- Podcast 287

The Healing of Jordan Young: a 21st century Spiritual Guide To Health And Healing, a book written by Tobin Blake, is a story woven into how we all can heal through love. Tobin’s daughter’s boyfriend protracted a serious form of cancer. The book is about his healing journey and what we can learn from his experience. 

This is what today’s podcast is about. Listen in!

Here is the link to next weeks show.


Full Moon Meditation-Podcast 286

I am grateful to have met Diana Lang and recently, have participated in her full moon meditations.

At the beginning of 2015, I made a vision board comprised almost entirely of full moons through each month of the year, while others were creating boards depicting material success.

My board was more “me” and I grew into it this year, apparently.

That’s what today’s podcast is about. Listen in!

Here Is Diana Lang’s Full Moon Meditation.


Spark Of Love-Podcast 285

As we head into the holiday season, the spark of love is strengthened by the Gospel Of Love of Christ Consciousness.

Even if the evidence for this spark is buried in the world of fear, of late, we access the spirit of infinite love in meditation and prayer.

We have to or we’ll go berserk, bananas, luney tunes.

Preoccupation with disastrous world views actually aligns with the belief that we are physical beings, first and foremost. In reality, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

From this vantage point, we can relax and tune in to our vibrant collective soul, and collective wisdom. 

This is what this podcast is all about. Listen in.


Horse Medicine-Podcast 284

I was about to give up blogging and podcasting, this week. The world was Helter Skelter, and I for one, was ready to call it a day.

Was I the one who was all messed up? Why blame the outer world, when the inner world is the only reality?

So I went to work, last night. My Amish patient had stalled in her labor, and she and her husband decided to get some fresh air.

It was on their walk they discovered their horse had gone missing. They drove the horse and buggy in to Birth Care, which is not a typical mode of transportation to the birth center. A so called driver is the usual way the Amish arrive to our center.

I drove the dad back to his home 2 1/2 miles away, and the horse was not visible in the dark of night. The moon had already set.

The light of day was our only hope.

Rocky, the horse, finally showed up across the road. He sensed the horses there and decided to hangout with them. That’s one area we failed to explore. 

The fun of looking for Rocky regenerated my hope for continued creativity, meditation and free flight imagination. 

I say a few worlds about the refugees, too.

Listen in.


The Healing Bed

In addition to the birthing bed, the sickbed and the deathbed is the healing bed. Healing flows through all of these, but holds a special place in all of them.

When I think about a scientific diagnosis of cancer and the weight of these words, I feel a need to define the heaviness of the scientific and rational mind that comes up with such a diagnosis to begin with.

Perhaps a blending of an intellectual and creative mind with that of the ability to perceive the universe through the Eye of the Soul is a way to begin the healing process.
Therefore, the healing of cancer, or any other life-threatening disease, which is impossible in the physical world of reason and logic, becomes completely possible in the world of prayer and mystical grace. In the process of healing self, or our animals or anyone else, we must transcend the limitations of reason alone and connect with the inner realms of mystical perception and alternate realities.

What a beautiful opportunity to begin again!–excerpt from Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

Join us 12/1/2015 5 PM est and listen to Tobin Blake and Kate Loving discuss Healing with Practical Spiritual Healing Strategies.


A Choice To Love- Podcast 283

Every religion and spiritual tradition uses prayer as a means for illumination, enlightenment and as a way to find the pathway to freedom.

As one little area of our life straightens out because of our ability to pray, the next area of our life straightens out and the next and the next and so on.

Your prayer prescription may be completely different than mine mainly because we are perhaps starting at different focus points. My guess is that we end up at the same place which is in a place of healing.

The terrorist attacks are an example showing us a world that has chosen Fear over Love.
But the world out there needn’t be our primary focus. The most important emphasis is what’s inside our collective heart, accessed by prayer and meditation.

I AM choosing Love.


Death, A Natural Process

Death is out of the closet more these days than in
the past, but it’s still not viewed as a natural process
of life. The challenge lies in the understanding of
what changes and that which never changes.

For instance, my body, my possessions, the people around
me are all subject to a momentary disappearing act, and could
be gone at any time. I may as well accept that. My life will be
much easier if I do.

But the silence and peace that is of God/ess that I access
during meditation is changeless and permanent. My body and
possessions and all the people in my life are impermanent. The
more I access the peace, love and forgiveness that IS god/ess,
then when a loss occurs, which it will most assuredly,
I will be equipped to stand with strength against this
(seeming) adversity.

I am one of those people who finds the passing of people from
this life to the next to be an enlightening experience. I was
with my mother when she passed. WOW!! What power! The entire
room filled with light, her spirit moved noticeably up and out
from the top of her head, and the 73 year old body that remained
lost all its wrinkles. My dear mum looked like a fourteen year old

Then for a day or two, I felt true unconditional love and compassion
for everyone and everything that came my way. I’ll never forget that.

Of course, ordinary grieving took place around me for my mother.
My father had much fear and doubt about true matters of the spirit
so we comforted him the best we could. My mother had many
spiritual women friends with whom I could share my experience.

When the experience receded and I returned to ordinary, everyday
consciousness, I never forgot what happened. I now draw upon it
for insight when times arises for other major transformations.

The gifts of spiritual recovery make it possible to see the
miracles of life and death. The body is a garment that we shed
at the moment of death.

Conscious contact with God/ess is a skill that when practiced,
enriches our understanding of death, grief and life. There is no
right or wrong way to deal with these issues. 

The only way is through it. Like birth, so in death, the truth
will be revealed.


Bernie’s and Our Miraculous Future

The powers that be can’t hold Bernie Sanders back. That’s what is astrological chart says. And the chart further promises a growing likability factor, because of his purity of heart. That’s what I get out of it, anyway.

The first thing I read when I get got off the show was a Daily Kos article with the headline “Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary and become the 45th president of the United States.”
I love that bit of positive reinforcement.

Listen in to Tonight’s Show.