Diana Lang: Just Meditate

Diana Lang

Diana Lang

I just got off my blog talk radio show with Diana Lang, meditator per excellence!
Is anyone hooked up to Sound Cloud? Diana has hundreds of meditation sessions there which I just subscribed to, and so can you!

There is no way to meditation: Meditation is the way.

I am convinced! I am almost healed of my anxiety disorder in just a week of meditation, although I’ve been an off and on meditator since the mid 70’s. I became an initiate of Kriya Yoga through Self Realization Fellowship, in the mid 1990’s. That is what you’d call many stages of lessons over a year’s time, to finally get to the crown jewel- Kriya.

Diana is of another meditation school–just do it, any time, anywhere, everyday. 
She is awesome! I am her new fan.

Listen in!!

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2 Responses to “Diana Lang: Just Meditate”

  1. Samantha West

    Loved the show I am on and off meditated am determined to do it more frequently .

  2. kateloving

    I agree! I am determined to be an on again meditator!!

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