Horse Medicine-Podcast 284

I was about to give up blogging and podcasting, this week. The world was Helter Skelter, and I for one, was ready to call it a day.

Was I the one who was all messed up? Why blame the outer world, when the inner world is the only reality?

So I went to work, last night. My Amish patient had stalled in her labor, and she and her husband decided to get some fresh air.

It was on their walk they discovered their horse had gone missing. They drove the horse and buggy in to Birth Care, which is not a typical mode of transportation to the birth center. A so called driver is the usual way the Amish arrive to our center.

I drove the dad back to his home 2 1/2 miles away, and the horse was not visible in the dark of night. The moon had already set.

The light of day was our only hope.

Rocky, the horse, finally showed up across the road. He sensed the horses there and decided to hangout with them. That’s one area we failed to explore. 

The fun of looking for Rocky regenerated my hope for continued creativity, meditation and free flight imagination. 

I say a few worlds about the refugees, too.

Listen in.

2 Responses to “Horse Medicine-Podcast 284”

  1. Samantha West

    Love the horse story ! What unusual fun hunting for a missing horse

  2. kateloving

    Thoroughly enjoyable!!

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