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Spiritual Self-Esteem- Podcast 252

Kate and Tom

Kate and Tom

Last night, my husband and I did a radio show together about our meditation workshop we are starting to do monthly. The name of the workshop is Birthing Spirit.

Birthing Spirit takes great courage and I daresay a willingness to let go of all that is gone before.

The self-esteem referred to here has to do with a relinquishment of the ego, that part of ourselves that grasps for more of everything, and cares almost exclusively on reputation, and is 100% separated from our divine creation, from that invisible substance which created all of us and everything else in the galaxy and beyond.

We discussed the importance of meditation, and of all the research proving the regenerative powers of quieting ourselves by going inward to experience the amazing healing power of silence.

All it takes is five minutes but 10 or 30 minutes or more helps to feel good in every aspect of our lives. The point is that you get as much benefit from one hour of meditation as you would get from five minutes of meditation.

We discussed the fact that meditation has nothing to do with religion, even though my husband and I revere and respect all religions of the world. In other words, you can be an Atheist and derive as much benefit from meditation as anyone else.

Listen as I explain!


Believe In Yourself- Podcast 250

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.- e. e. cummings

My husband joined me tonight to talk about our meditation workshop we now call Birthing Spirit.

The e. e. cummings quote struck me today because of the emphasis on a good self image needed to blossom forth in this beautiful world, and live in-spirit instead of believing we are nothing else but these physical bodies we find ourselves in.

We are spirit beings having a bodily experience.

We are not our bodies, our thoughts or our yearnings.

Who are we?
Go out and look at the sky tonight and ask, “Who am I?”

Am I a star, the Galaxy, the space between the stars, the love I feel as I gaze upon these things?

Who am I? We used to ask this questions when we were young. Why do most of us cease asking?

Who are you? There is no separation between us. We are Love. We are eternal beauty. We are the infinite Divine Origin.

Listen in as we discuss our meditation workshop! 

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Birthing Spirit- Podcast 248

My husband Tom and I have been approved for monthly meditation workshops at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, PA. We changed the name from Opening To Oneness to Birthing Spirit. Birthing Spirit is an accurate description of what we are doing in our workshops, and what meditation does for us.

Life without meditation is purely a concentration of outer life pursuits: the job, the money, the goals.

Life with meditation puts those pursuits in perspective. You can’t take it with you so you may as well give it all away, now.

Furthermore, life with meditation creates a desire to stay longer in silence, to measure our words and stay silent if what we’re about to say does not reflect who we really are–(Children Of God).

Life with meditation draws us to Nature, to feel the energy of trees, birds and butterflies, and to feel the energy behind what we “see” with our eyes. 

Life with meditation helps to birth the spirit we came into this life with and will take with us when we depart from this life.

My husband Tom and I will be discussing our workshop, Birthing Spirit, on my radio show Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom, 9/22/15 at 5PM eastern.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of birthing spirit into pure love. We don’t need to compete, live with resentment, or refuse to forgive. In fact, we need to put a lid on the ego mind of fear and bounce back with mirth and curiosity.