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Attention Dog and Cat Lovers -Podcast 277

Do you talk to your dog or cat? Do you realize that if you did, everything would be better between you?

I know I have so much more talking to do. My cat needs me to zero in on his feral behavior. He needs me to zero in on how he feels when visitors come by in the form of humans and animals. 

When your animal is near death, do you openly communicate your love and plan for his safe travel over the rainbow bridge?

Listen in.

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Dogs Are Harmony Barometers-Podcast 276

Canine Consciousness is entwined with human evolution. Dogs have been apart of our enlightened minds for over 10,000 years. Naturally, canines are evolving as highly spiritual love beamers.

Listen in tomorrow night as we discuss this on my radio show with New World Library author Tim Link.

That’s what this podcast is all about.


The Eternal Flame-Podcast 262

The Eternal Flame is what every human being is, at the heart of their soul. We were born in the light of a shining aura. All babies are the light of the world.

The truth of that light becomes more difficult to realize as time goes on. The thinking of the world takes over. Fear of just about everything becomes the reality most people experience.

Yet the Eternal Flame is always there, a mystical perception always available, always waiting. It’s our choice whether we “see” it, or not.

Patanjali’s Aphorisms, Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga, A Course In Miracles, Christ Consconsness, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, and all the saints of the world, rid consciousness of all the obstacles to the realization of this Eternal Flame.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”– Mother Teresa
Love is the Eternal Flame.

Surrender is the Eternal flame.

Meditation is the Eternal Flame.

Dolphins Are the Eternal Flame.

Dogs and cats are the Eternal Flame.

Speaking of dogs and cats, Tim Link author of Talking With Dogs and Cats, will be on Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom 10/27/15 at 5 eastern. This conversation happens to coincide with the Full Moon in Taurus, the light of the cosmos that speaks to everyone, shining equally on all of us.