Spiritual Inoculation- Podcast 264

I mentioned yesterday how I was stung by an aggressive what probably was a yellow jacket on my left knee. I did not see it, but the sting was reminiscent of past stings I’ve received. The bee was so fast and escaped my physical vision, but I felt it for three days.

I put a lot of energy and fear into the sting, which wasn’t very spiritual of me.
For instance, my knee swelled twice its size. I was completely separate from the act of loving my knee, loving the bee, loving myself.

Then I thought about receiving life-threatening diagnoses, like cancer or heart disease, and how we tend to spend a lot of time sending fear to our body instead of love, perhaps not thinking that Love would heal the illness at hand by raising our vibrational energy field.

Then Diana Lang mentioned on my Facebook page that the sting was a spiritual inoculation: which made me think of a wake up call bringing me closer to Christ Consciousness and the presence and experience of love.

Diana Lang will be on my radio show 10/21/15 and we will discuss full moon meditations which are, in themselves, a spiritual inoculation.

Please join us.

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