Your Breath Knows- Podcast 253

Slowing down with conscious breathing, the conscious breath of meditation simultaneously raises our field of loving awareness. Our vibration rises to meet the Divine, the needs of the world, the compassion needed to live our lives fully. At the end of the day, another meditation clears the realization for: “I lived this day and it was mine to love.”

Meditation clears the pathway of the obstacles obstructing our love for life and everyone we encounter, all Holy Encounters, as A Course In Miracles calls them.

The full super moon eclipse in Aries on 9/27/15 will amp up our visionary, mystic perceptions. Be mindful of your thinking, feeling and willing and seek to balance these entities within your spirit.
Here in East Coast America, we will be able to see the entire eclipse. Here is a schedule of eclipse events!!
All times in EDT

8:11:46 p.m. — Moon enters penumbra

9:07:12 p.m. — Moon enters outer edge of umbra

10:11:11 p.m. — Moon completely in umbra

10:47:09 p.m. — Mid-eclipse

11:23:07 p.m. — Moon begins to emerge from umbra

12:27:06 a.m. — Moon completely out of umbra

1:22:33 a.m. — Moon leaves penumbra

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  1. Samantha West

    Looking forward to that great blog interesting energy in light of world events Popes visit

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