Bernie’s and Our Miraculous Future

The powers that be can’t hold Bernie Sanders back. That’s what is astrological chart says. And the chart further promises a growing likability factor, because of his purity of heart. That’s what I get out of it, anyway.

The first thing I read when I get got off the show was a Daily Kos article with the headline “Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary and become the 45th president of the United States.”
I love that bit of positive reinforcement.

Listen in to Tonight’s Show.

3 Responses to “Bernie’s and Our Miraculous Future”

  1. Jan

    Hi Kate!

    I just wanted to say thank you for this fascinating conversation. Really enjoyed it. I’ll be sending good vibes to Bernie in your next Election. We were lucky to elect a new Prime Minister this year and the mood of our country has definitely improved. Sending gratitude!

  2. kateloving

    I believe Bernie will win. Thanks for your feedback!!

  3. Samantha West

    I believe Bernie is our Only choice for change

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