Death, A Natural Process

Death is out of the closet more these days than in
the past, but it’s still not viewed as a natural process
of life. The challenge lies in the understanding of
what changes and that which never changes.

For instance, my body, my possessions, the people around
me are all subject to a momentary disappearing act, and could
be gone at any time. I may as well accept that. My life will be
much easier if I do.

But the silence and peace that is of God/ess that I access
during meditation is changeless and permanent. My body and
possessions and all the people in my life are impermanent. The
more I access the peace, love and forgiveness that IS god/ess,
then when a loss occurs, which it will most assuredly,
I will be equipped to stand with strength against this
(seeming) adversity.

I am one of those people who finds the passing of people from
this life to the next to be an enlightening experience. I was
with my mother when she passed. WOW!! What power! The entire
room filled with light, her spirit moved noticeably up and out
from the top of her head, and the 73 year old body that remained
lost all its wrinkles. My dear mum looked like a fourteen year old

Then for a day or two, I felt true unconditional love and compassion
for everyone and everything that came my way. I’ll never forget that.

Of course, ordinary grieving took place around me for my mother.
My father had much fear and doubt about true matters of the spirit
so we comforted him the best we could. My mother had many
spiritual women friends with whom I could share my experience.

When the experience receded and I returned to ordinary, everyday
consciousness, I never forgot what happened. I now draw upon it
for insight when times arises for other major transformations.

The gifts of spiritual recovery make it possible to see the
miracles of life and death. The body is a garment that we shed
at the moment of death.

Conscious contact with God/ess is a skill that when practiced,
enriches our understanding of death, grief and life. There is no
right or wrong way to deal with these issues. 

The only way is through it. Like birth, so in death, the truth
will be revealed.

One Response to “Death, A Natural Process”

  1. Samantha West

    Keep reminding people about death being natural and that there never completely gone
    so many forget And that makes loss so much harder.

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