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Autumn Reflections

Dear Goddess, As October draws to a close, I reflect on the autumn of 2015, and all the beautiful autumns that have gone before. I draw them all into my heart in this beautiful predawn moment.

Autumn has always reminded me of a time for great contemplation, as well as a time when people become engaged again after a long hot summer: School starts, notebooks and pens for sale, college campuses fill up with students again. The sun makes its journey across the sky closer to the horizon. The nights are longer in duration. Snuggling time with people and animals is the rule of the night.

And the days grow shorter and shorter. The opportunity for sleep beckons to those still able to sleep.

These predawn contemplations become the standard of my life, written in notebooks I love to write in. The creative process stimulates my imagination at times such as these. The blank white page is a beautiful and enticing thing. The ink of the pen has its own special attraction.

We live and we learn. Autumn sets the stage for the passage of time in meaningful conversation. Social media brings us closer to every single person on the planet.

Remember to enjoy the day. That is my prayer prescription for October 30, 2015.

Om Peace Amen


Your Dog Is Your Mirror REPLAY-Podcast 275

your-dog-is-your-mirrorIn Your Dog Is Your Mirror, dog trainer Kevin Behan proposes a radical new model for under- standing canine behavior: a dog’s behavior and emotion, indeed its very cognition, are driven by our emotion. The dog doesn’t respond to its owner based on what the owner thinks, says, or does; it responds to what the owner feels. And in this way, dogs can actually put people back in touch with their own emotions.

Kevin grew up training dogs alongside his father, John Behan , one of the Nation’s first professional, family dog trainers. Kevin developed the Natural Dog Training theory after noticing the similarities between how well behaved and orchestrated wolves hunt in a group and the cooperation required in high drive police dog work. Kevin has worked with thousands of dogs throughout his long career, operating his own boarding and training kennel in Connecticut as well as advanced training for security, protection training and police dog work for K9 units and hospital security.

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Listen- What Is Your Heart Saying?

I am a Prayer Mentor and an unstoppable force for good and will help you transform your fear of death and uplift grief to a creative and meaningful expression in this world.

What are we living for?

No one can answer that question for you but you.

What is your vision, your purpose, your mission, your transformation and your goals?

It’s difficult to have daily goals and to do lists without having a higher vision of what you were placed on Mother Earth to do.

My most recent book, Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health rekindled something within me that I completely forgot about.

I was doing an exercise on purpose and vision, when suddenly my life purpose came to a crossroads and took the road less traveled by.

My latest book reminded me about the fear of death, and how death does not exist at all.

How would we live differently if we did not have any fear of death?
For it is my belief through experience that all fear stems from this universal fear of death, rebirth and regeneration.

I did a purpose exercise, and as I did so, something odd happened– a purpose popped up that I had never planned for but since I talk and write about it, am not surprised–

1) My purpose is to eradicate the fear of death in me, you, and the Boomer generation, where death is shut tightly in the nether world.

2) I choose to create a world where the fear of death is nonexistent.

3) I am helping to create a world where death, rebirth, birth, life, regeneration, transformations and the afterlife are welcomed friends.

4) My dream is to use my Prayer Prescription Mentoring Work as s foundation for fearless living.

5) My heart tells me that endless possibilities exist.

6) If I could create anything I wanted– I would create a speaking platform on eradicating the fear of death through the meditative use of Prayer, have weekly meaningful discussions with change makers and create products from these, continue writing and publishing books, and work with the issue of dying and rebirth at our spiritual retreat center.

Om Peace Amen


All One- Prayer For Today

Dear Goddess, May all beings everywhere dissolve the shadows of the past into the light of the healing present.

May we all live in mercy as we care for each other, our animals and ourselves.

May we all come to treasure ourselves in each other.

May we all come to treasure each other in ourselves.

The separation between self and others is an illusion.

Live in a state of Reality by joining your heart with all beings, beasts, trees and rocks.

And with the stars!

Feel the exhilaration of a meteor show and an eclipse and carry this with you, forever.

Om Peace Amen

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The Energy Of Prayer

I am writing this at 3 am, the perfect time to contemplate spiritual prayer and meditation. It is a PowerPoint in the day, just as 12 noon, 3 PM and 12 midnight are. These times are perfect moments to pause and reflect. The more we stop and go inwardly for guidance and direction, the stronger we become.

My radio show today is my conversation about prayer practice. What do you pray about? How do you experience the Energy of Prayer?

The American Indians do not pray “for” or “to” anything. They merge the energy of prayer with that they wish to bring into their lives.

Take rain, for example.

A rain dance is an attempt to become rain, to merge with rain and manifest its reality into the here and now.
In this way, prayer is not what we do but what we are. It is as natural as the incoming and outgoing breath. It is as easy as taking one step forward, and then another. What is important about prayer is our willingness to turn attention to the inner reality of the soul, which is changeless.

The more we experience this inner reality, the more we hear the celestial music, bringing perfect happiness to ordinary lives, uplifting our hearts to the extraordinary!

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Quantum Death, Quantum Love

Do you remember those childhood nightmares we all used to have? Maybe we still have some of those, and generally speaking, we don’t talk that much about them. Maybe we talk to a trusted adviser, but wouldn’t talk about them to a perfect stranger or bring them up in polite company.

Have you ever had an experience you just don’t feel comfortable talking about?

Death is like that, too. We may think if we don’t talk about it, it will go away. Or we may think the only people we can speak about this is to a trusted advisor.

If you could’ve been with me when my mother died, you would’ve been amazed. 

She had been Ill and her illness took a toll. At the moment of her death, all the lines left her face and she looked like a 14-year-old girl again.

If you could have been with me three days after my mother’s death, you would have experienced a love that transcended judgment or hate or fear. If you would’ve been with me after my mother’s death, we would have experienced what unconditional love really is, without having to explain it to anybody.

That was a quantum experience and now, I know. 


Healing Tibetan Style

MoonWindowI never went to Omega Institute to be in the presence of Tulka Thondup’s healing aura, but my husband, Tom went twice and I saw a renewed sense of calm and dedication to his meditation practice when he came back home, again.

When he returned, he taught me some of what he learned.

Two of the Twelve Stages Of Meditation Of The Healing Buddha

1) Bring your mind back to your body.

Allow your mind to generate thoughts of peace, calm and serenity.

Allow these thoughts of peace settle into every cell of your body, moving from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head.

Think that everyone around you is calm and that the room, your house, your town, neighboring city and the whole planet and then the whole Universe is filled with a loving, peaceful calmness.

If you feel any uneasiness, locate the area in your body where you feel this sensation the most.

Then take a couple of deep and forceful breaths and think and feel the uneasiness expel with your outgoing breaths: “Haaa, Haaa, Haaa!!”

Know that the uneasy feelings are completely expelled, leaving no trace within your body.

Feel the freedom of no longer having any blocks of fear or tenseness anywhere. Your whole body is profoundly relaxed, rejuvenated and in a state of awakened awareness.

2) Bringing your body back to the earth energies

If you are feeling ungrounded or a sense of floating, think of where your sitting body touches the chair or the cushion, and visualize a unity between earth and your relaxing body.

Enjoy this feeling of boundless freedom and healing as long as you can.

The Following Are Thondup’s Eight Tips for Meditation

1) Take a couple of deep breaths and expel the sensation of worry and discomfort with your outgoing breath. Feel the peace.

2) With the outgoing breath, send the sensations far away in the form of dark clouds that dissolve into the open, empty and clear sky.

3) Think of the word and feeling of “Boundlessness.”

4) Think and feel that your body is boundless, that even its cells are boundless. Allow your breathing to relax in this boundless feeling, as though your breath were totally without limit or constriction.

5) Think and feel that all cells are breathing, in and out, directly through the pores of your body.

6) Imagine your body as if it were a body of light. Light is intangible and free. Feel what this feels life all through your body.

7) Be aware of any uneasy sensation in an open way, without judging it, and without wanting to push it away, or clinging to it.

Continue to breath naturally and remain in the state of mere awareness. Open awareness is considered a high form of healing and can help anyone during meditation and also the rest of your life.

8) If you feel as if you are floating, imagine that your body is filled with light that somehow has a heavy quality. Although light is substantial, we could think of it as heavy, the way air is weighted down by moisture or the way the earth’s atmusphere exerts air pressure.

Just remain in open awareness of the floating sensation without judgment, worry or grasping.


Thondup describes healing with the meditation techniques he teaches in workshops and in his books.

He says that in Tibet, when he or family and friends got sick, they first went to a lama and said prayers for spiritual healing. They went to the doctor after the spiritual prayers were completed.

A friend of Thondup, Harry Winter, had an incurable fatal cancer. When Harry was seventy-four, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. His doctors’ told him he had only a few months to live.

Harry practiced meditation for years and was fully prepared to meet this crisis. He firmly believed his meditation practice would slow the disease and possibly stop it. He also believed that this meditation could reinforce the benefits of medical treatment.

To his doctors’ utter amazement, Harry survived two surgeries and his cancer went into remission.

Five years later, the cancer returned but this time Harry refused medical intervention. By this time, Harry was experienced at meditating in an open and relaxed way. He often meditated for eight hours a day.

Harry used the meditation that Thondup teaches called “Receive the Healing Blessings,” in which the mind calls forth blessed nectar to wash away impurities.

In his mind, Harry visualized Vajrasattua, the Buddha of Purification, from whom would stream healing nectar.

The nectar entered his body from the crown of his headArticle Submission, purifying and healing the cancer cells and all emotional toxicity. Harry additionally wished for these blessings to extend to all beings everywhere and the whole Universe.

Harry was eighty-five at the time of the book’s publication in 2000. He coild still be going strong at age 93!

I have a autographed copy of “Boundless Healing.” I feel as if I’ve been blessed by a higher spiritual being as I gaze upon his signature.

We must learn from our teachers.

They are here to help us.


The Reverend Jo-an Glasse On Death, Dying, Rebirth

This radio show was a classic. Our friend who gave the interview has since passed on, 4 years ago this August.

We had our meditation workshop last weekend, and Jo-an appeared in form and spirit. In memory of her, and her gracious visitations, I pulled this interview for the energy of love and remembrance.

I know our dearly departed loved ones are with us always, but the voice of doubt may loudly tell us otherwise.

It is time to quiet that voice, and set ourselves free.

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Healing Spaces

Happy Wednesday everyone. Be sure to save some time for yourselves, for the rest of the week, and the rest of your lives.

Remember, if you don’t rejuvenate yourself, how can you be of use to anybody else?
The answer is, you can’t. And that is the truth.

I’ll be preparing for our workshopthis weekend, Oneness Through Love,but I’ll be thinking of you as you create healing spaces for yourselves and each other. And I will remember to take care of myself, even in the midst of Crisis and Opportunity!

Peace (of mind) to all!!


The Fall Protocol

Many potential blog topics are always occurring to me but are either too controversial or entirely too ridiculous for me to write about. When my buttons get pushed, I always consider writing about that exact button pushing idea, and either write about it or not.

But I have a real knee jerk reaction to what I have always called “The Medical Gestapo.” I wish I could say that Medicine has become more of a healing environment. The Post 911 years seems to have unleashed a whole new era of punitive suffocation. People in the medical workplace seem to think they are in the law enforcement profession or the military instead of what could or should be healing and transformation, or at the least emotionally intelligent.

A startling example of this is a “Falls Protocol” that has recently come to haunt all the nurses at every hospital across the US. Every patient has to sign a “Falls Safety Agreement” which amounts to a consent form asking the patient to call her nurse if she feels dizzy or if she needs help. If the patient falls, and if she did not sign the agreement, a Falls Investigation Team comes to the hospital and investigates the fall like it’s a crime scene.

If the patient falls on your shift, you are written up, with a great punitive flourish. If anything else ever happens again to question your good standing as a nurse, you are automatically fired.

I am thankful to be freed from these work environments. My furry friends helped to make this transition without me consciously knowing it was happening. 

Blessings abound.