The Energy Of Prayer

I am writing this at 3 am, the perfect time to contemplate spiritual prayer and meditation. It is a PowerPoint in the day, just as 12 noon, 3 PM and 12 midnight are. These times are perfect moments to pause and reflect. The more we stop and go inwardly for guidance and direction, the stronger we become.

My radio show today is my conversation about prayer practice. What do you pray about? How do you experience the Energy of Prayer?

The American Indians do not pray “for” or “to” anything. They merge the energy of prayer with that they wish to bring into their lives.

Take rain, for example.

A rain dance is an attempt to become rain, to merge with rain and manifest its reality into the here and now.
In this way, prayer is not what we do but what we are. It is as natural as the incoming and outgoing breath. It is as easy as taking one step forward, and then another. What is important about prayer is our willingness to turn attention to the inner reality of the soul, which is changeless.

The more we experience this inner reality, the more we hear the celestial music, bringing perfect happiness to ordinary lives, uplifting our hearts to the extraordinary!

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