Walk, Breath, Meditate- Podcast 241

Today, I am adapting the meditate, write, walk practice as put forth by Natalie Goldberg in one of her memoirs. I just did a few Kriyas, now am writing and soon will be walking my dog, Pearl. One day, that’s all I’ll do for three days, when the timing is right: my own three day retreat experience, spent in solitude with my dog.

The Fairy Ring by Mike Rowland is great music to meditate by. I just purchased it for our next meditation retreat at the Unitarian Church, as well as for my own quiet meditations in the morning and throughout the day. Leonard Laskow always used that music and it reminds me of him. Hello Leonard! We love you!

I think it’s the melodious piano music which brings the mind to a high ecstatic state. My guru, Yogananda, did not suggest music for meditation practice. Total silence was his admonishment. I enjoy both silence or music, as the mood leads. Rigid rules do not apply.

Meditation is one of the most important practices we can do everyday, along with exercise, a cleansing diet, plenty of clean drinking water and rest. As Wayne Dyer said, twenty minutes of meditation is equal to eight hours of sleep. Recently, I put that to the test, and agree.

For instance, during the course of a long night at work, if I catch fifteen minutes of sleep, I awake in pain and in a cranky mood. 

If I meditate for fifteen minutes, I feel rested, and the eyes are alert as well as the mind.

Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for all your wisdom. It will be more than enough to take me to my last breath, in this lifetime, and every lifetime, thereafter.


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  1. Samantha West

    Wonderful podcast will have to get copy of fairy ring thanks for suggestion I also like silence or music when meditating.

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